Toran Proxy A Composer proxy for speed and reliability

Built to work with Composer

Toran is built by Jordi Boggiano, lead developer of Composer. As such he can make sure they work well together. No surprises.

Reliable and fast Composer deployments

Toran acts as a proxy for Packagist, GitHub and other repositories. It is meant to be set up on your own server or even inside your office. This offers a few benefits:

  • Redundant infrastructure to ensure your deployments never fail and your developers can work at any time. Packages will be installed from your proxy with a fallback to GitHub, ensuring a maximum availability.
  • Higher bandwidth for faster installations. You can set up Toran in your local network or on a server near you.

Easily host private packages

Toran is easy to install and configure, and provides you with a web interface to conveniently manage and list your private Composer packages. It uses a file-based configuration that is easy to manage from the command line but also allows changes over the web interface. Whatever suits you best.

Support Composer and Packagist

The Toran license fee not only goes towards improving Toran itself. It also funds Composer and Packagist development and hosting. Supporting Toran means supporting open-source, making sure the PHP package ecosystem as a whole remains healthy and that your developers can find the best open-source libraries faster.

Toran Proxy is being phased out. Try Private Packagist instead!

Private Packagist is the newer, improved version of Toran Proxy, which is provided as both a Software-as-a-Service and on-premise self-hosted version.

Highlighted Features

  • Hosts your private Composer packages
  • Proxies code downloads, either as zip archives or git clones
  • Proxies Packagist and alternative repositories for Drupal, Magento, WP, etc.
  • Protects you from GitHub and other code hosts being down
  • Faster downloads from a server near you on a server your own

Server Requirements

Toran Proxy requires PHP 5.3.9 or above (including PHP 7) and the following PHP extensions need to be enabled: OpenSSL, ctype, JSON, XML.

Licenses are issued by Nelmio AG, CHE-236.742.577, and covered by the End User License Agreement.